Mother Nature has gifted humans with magnificent waterfalls, powerful rivers, crystal blue bays, and spectacular rock formations. Unfortunately, time isn’t kind to many of these striking natural wonders and now the’re ruined. But that’s not the worst part.

In some cases, none other than people themselves ruined these precious places. For example, have you ever heard about the Ténéré Tree? It was the only tree for 250 square miles in Niger’s Sahara desert.

It was an important landmark that helped caravans and travelers to find their way in endless sands. In the 1930s, this tree was even marked on the maps of military campaigners. But it doesn’t exist anymore…


  • British ship named Caledonian Sky crashed into a coral reef in the region of Raja Ampat. Almost 17,222 square feet of the reef has been damaged by the incident. 
  • “The Duckbill” was a pedestal-shaped rock formation that stood proudly above the Pacific Ocean at Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. A group of teenagers destroyed this natural wonder in a matter of several seconds! 
  • If you ever visit Goblin Valley State Park in Utah, you’ll see gigantic mushroom-shaped rocks perched on much thinner sandstone formations. These wonder rocks seemed to be a miracle to everyone but two ex-Boy Scout leaders.
  • The Guairá Falls were a number of huge waterfalls located on the Paraná River. In 1982, the government of Brazil created the Itaipu Dam reservoir but meanwhile forever destroyed the Guairá Falls.

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