This mysterious and picturesque country located between India and China was closed for tourists until 1974. Today, everyone who’s ready to go through a lot of formalities and has enough money can visit Bhutan.

Amazing Bhutan

Ans even though the borders are open, the King still tries to restrict the number of tourists using many different methods. This is a country that decided to measure national happiness, has completely free healthcare, and nobody living on the streets.

Sounds unbelievable, but this is all true and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, wanna know why all the people who live in Bhutan are so happy? Let’s find out more about their traditions and numerous bans.

Bhutan facts

  • If a person loses their home, they just need to go to the king and he’ll give them a plot of land where they can build a house to live in and plant a garden to eat from.
  • Each Bhutanese resident has the right to free medical care. The country’s Ministry of Health has made it their goal to become “A nation with the best health.”
  • The Bhutanese people take their traditions and unique culture very seriously, and the king took great measures to protect his people from outside influences.

And much more. Watch the video and see why Bhutan is dream destination for many people.

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