Amazon plans to employ another 30,000 people

Amazon plans to employ another 30,000 full-time and half-time employees in the corporate, technology and customer service departments. The new jobs are not part of Amazon’s seasonal hiring. The company says the move is set to meet the chaotic demands of consumers during the upcoming holidays. The division of jobs will be carried out on the “Career Day” on September 17 in many US cities.

Last year, Amazon announced it would increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour for all employees, but not everyone was pleased. Namely, the workers organized a protest, fueled by poor working conditions and wages.

Workers at Amazon’s warehouses claim that their jobs are physically and mentally exhausting, that they want higher wages, higher levels of safety at work and treatment of injured workers.

Shares of the company today rose by less than one percent and rose 22 percent since January. Amazon has a market value of about $907 billion.