Diet Mistakes- Regular Reporter

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Accumulating abdominal fat by diet mistakes is easy and it is accomplished by not dieting and eating everything. However, getting rid of and building a flat stomach is hard.

Exercising isn’t enough for cutting down the belly fat gained by diet mistakes. The best results are accomplished in the kitchen by knowing what you consume and how much is enough for your daily intake.

The most common diet mistakes according to Daily Health Post are the following:

  • Eating small meals will boost up your metabolism: False,
  • Low-calorie diets will result in faster weight loss: False,
  • Eating late at night will result in weight gain: False.

Eating small meals will boost up your metabolism

Diet Mistakes- Regular Reporter
Eating small meals will boost up your metabolism- False

This depends and it is not the same at every person, and at every body there is a different chemical process that is occurring.

For example the anabolism uses energy to synthesize compounds from nutrients, by creating new cells or maintaining tissue integrity.

On the other hand the catabolism breaks down molecules for releasing energy, such as proteins broken into amino acids.

All in all the body weight is a result between the amount of energy we take in minus the amount we expend. In fact eating smaller meals won’t affect your metabolism and it will help you from over-eating.

Low-calorie diets will result in faster weight loss

Diet Mistakes- Regular Reporter
Low-calorie diets will result in faster weight loss- False

As good as it sounds, the title isn’t right at all. The most important metabolism factor that the less calorie intake makes the body starve, which might result in slow metabolism for survival.

In fact, to get better results if you cut your calorie intake you should exercise more. This means more physical activity.

For perfect result, a balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats is a must. Not just starting a diet, by maintaining one and exercising will result in a healthy and fit body.