Bulk season: how to gain weight and achieve your goal as a bodybuilder or a fitness model. 

With the temperatures dropping and winter coming, we surely can enjoy the holiday food as well. Not to forget that with the cold weather and all the fitness trends, the bulk season is upon for those how are keen on working out. In fact, it’s the ideal period to add more kilos(pounds) on you with no body noticing, because it’s sweater weather. However, bulking in other words means more “snacks”, but don’t over exaggerate them by eating them more and so often.

In this article you will find out about:

Bulking defined

The very precise explanation of bulking is known worldwide. Every bodybuilder, people working out know what bulking means. But do they really know what bulking is all about? Are there any secrets behind a good bulking diet for adding muscles, while eating more? What is the best workout program during this kind of season?

Bulking while working out

However, the most strict explanation of bulking is adding muscle and mass, while eating quantified food with extra protein often and solidly working out. With this in mind, eating this kind of food repeatedly can result in gaining fat, if you’re not eating precisely. Not to mention that nobody wants a body with more fat and much less muscle. Bulking is NOT an excuse for getting fat and getting back lean in the summer, as you use to be. Not to forget that many calorie input, won’t result in muscular mass, because of the body limitation of new muscle mesh over some time.

Clean vs dirty bulk

The above mentioned definition of bulking, brings us to the constant debate among bodybuilders: The difference between clean and dirty bulk. The explanation may not surprise you, because they are not so contrasting after all. However, the main aspects by which they differ are timing, quantity and food. 

The difference between a clean and dirty bulk

The caloric excess of eating variety of foods often, by creating a more flexible balance with the intention of gaining mass, is called dirty bulk. To put it another way, this means eating more junk food with no guidance, emerging in gaining weight quickly. However, if you follow this kind of bulk, you will achieve your weight goal quicker than with clean bulk. Not to mention that it’s not healthy at all, especially for your blood sugar and your comprehensive health. 

Under other conditions is the clean bulk. That’s inputting nutritional source calories at a strict timing event for a clean muscle and weigh gain purpose. This means eating healthier, more protein and carbohydrate food, four or more times a day. It all depends on your body type and your future body goal. However, healthy gaining weight is the primary goal of this diet. 

Best food for your bulking diet

Make sure to do that
Make sure to do that

Adding muscle and gaining weight doesn’t only meant eating whatever you want and whenever you want. It’s much more than that. The time, muscle mass goal, food quantity and assortment are the key here. In fact, if your goal is to gain muscle mass and easily get back lean at summer, you should consider what you eat and when. 

However, the most advantageous foods to consume during this kind of bulk are the following: 

  • Meat
Varieties of meat products

In this group we consider the fish as a meat as well, from tuna salmon, sushi, tilapia… Not to forget on of the best food for muscle gain the chicken, with more than 27 grams of protein in 100 grams chicken. The lamb and pork contain 25 grams in 100 gram piece.

After all the turkey is the best protein food for a bulking diet, consisting more than 29 grams in 100 gram piece. 

  • Milk products
Milk products
Varieties of milk products

The milk category has a variety of spectra products such as yogurt, milk, cheese, sour cream… The product with less protein is the sour cream, with 2.1 grams of protein in 100 grams. Not only the milk that has 3.4 grams of protein in 100 grams, but also the yogurt has 10 grams of protein in the same quantity as the milk. So when you eat muesli for breakfast, make sure to make them with yogurt instead of milk.

At the end of this list, with the most protein in 100 grams is the cheese, with more than 25 grams. 

  • Plant products
Plant products
Varieties of plant products

Not for forgetting is the plant category with more than a 30 products in it, such as beans, tofu, lentils, spirulina… At the end of this list is the tofu with 8 grams of protein in 100 grams tofu. Not only the lentils that has 9 grams of protein in 100 grams lentils, but also the beans have 21 grams of protein in the same quantity as the lentils.

At the end of this category, with the most protein in 100 grams is the spirulina, with more than 57 grams. 

The best supplements while bulking

Which supplement?
Which supplement is the best for muscle gain?

Taking supplements while bulking ins’t obligatory. However, it’s easier for you to reach your protein intake with supplements, than by only eating food. In fact, all that matters is your Total Daily Protein Intake, which can be done by only eating foods or a mixture of food and supplement. 

As a matter of fact, the best combo of supplements that had worked for me is the whey protein and creatine mono hydrate combo. Few years ago, when I was starting to hit the gym more often, I couldn’t gain muscle mass, besides my workout program and diet. I was lifting not so heavy weights, therefore I couldn’t gain mass. After a week of using these two supplements, I saw changes at my body. I was getting bigger and lifting heavier as before. However, imputing only 3 to 5 grams per day creatine and not more than 48 grams of whey protein per day. 

Wide spectra of supplements
Wide spectra of supplements

The creatine as a organic acid helps supply energy to muscle, pumping the muscle and growing them while working out. It improves the performance of the people by boosting the training effects and improving strength. 

However, don’t overdo creatine, because it can result in increased mania in people with bipolar derisory. Pople who have kidney disease history or diabetes are a no-go for creatine.

Before taking any supplement, you should consider a professional.

Working out while bulking

Leg work out
Leg work out

Creating a work out program while your bulk season is under way, is a crucial thing for better results. Make sure that the program is simple and high effective, like the one i use while bulking.

Mine is mainly consisted of 5 days of training, doing 5 exercises with 5 series for each muscle group, except biceps and triceps with 2 exercises with 5 series. I start with 20 reps in the 1st set, than counting down to 15 for the 2nd, 10 for the 3rd, 7 and 5 repetitions for the 4th and 5th set. For each set I increase the weight by 5 or 10 kilos. The abs are something different. For an abs workout I do 2 sets of 6 exercise with as much repetitions I can do. For the cardio edition i cycle my bike for at least 5 km once a week.

Biceps work out
Biceps work out

My program consists of:

  • Monday: chest and arms,
  • Tuesday: back and abs,
  • Wednesday: cardio,
  • Thursday: shoulders and abs,
  • Friday: Legs and calfs.

It’s important to find the best work out program that finds you needs, and in the end will result with the best shape possible for you.

With the bulking season going, you have the opportunity to eat more and worry less about the calorie intake. With this in mind, you will have more energy because there will be no calorie deficit and you can get easily into lean mode during the summer.