Chris Brown sued- Regular Reporter

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Chris Brown is being sued once again, this time over a brutal eye injury. It is in fact a backup dancer claiming that she had suffered the injury on the set of one of his music videos, according to Pop Culture.

Chris Brown sued isn’t a new thing. Back in 2018 he was sued by a woman, claiming she was raped in his house.

After this weeks regrets that we published on the Regular Reporter from Demi Moore, now it is Chris’s Brown turn, after the allegations we found online that he is being now sued.

Photos that TMZ had shared, show how Danielle Griffin’s eyes are turned red and swollen, covered in a green-colored discharge, claiming the injury was caused by fake blood caught in her eyes when poured down over her head, while filming back in 2017.

See the photos from TMZ here.

Chris Brown sued- Regular Reporter
Chris Brown

Griffin with the help of lawyer Arshia Mardasi are working together on this case. Her lawyer stated that she seeked help in 3 different hospitals in a period of 24 hours, just to get the injury treated.

Mardasi also states that her client, due to the eye injury was forced to remain secluded while healing. Additionally, that led to her missing new job opportunities as well as having to drop out of a master’s degree program she was enrolled in and losing a lot of money not working and currently recovering from the eye injury.

Now many people who are active on social media, are in fact judging Chris Brown, with several of them pointing out what kind of a person he is, implying that he continues to be a very controversial person.

Brown has reportedly not addressed the situation publicly at this time. We are waiting to see if he does do that at all.