With the hip-hop and trap music on the rise, many artist are willing to participate in this genre. In fact, what makes trap music so trendy is the uniqueness of the hi-hats and the busy short bust sound. However, the complicated pattern of the hi-hats and their fire speed are hard to be played by any musician, makes it easy recognizable. Once you hear it, it will stick in your ears. The same thing goes for the Balkans Super Star music, Corona.

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Corona in front of a Mercedes

As the title may have confused you, in this article it is not about the popular Mexican beer, widely know as Corona. The Regular Reporter notices good music and artists. However, this time he is from the Balkans. The Rap Star from Serbia popular among the youngsters, with his rhythmic flow and every song going viral, he has made an impact on the Balkan Rap Scene. With out further a do, we present to you Corona.

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Corona in Paris

Predrag Milkovich, known mostly by his stage name Corona, born on the 23rd of February 1988 in the Serbian City of Leskovac. He first showed interest in music when he was 15, with writing his first lyrics in 2003 and releasing his first song in 2006. However in 2007 he started to take music more seriously, by moving to New York and learning more about the Rap Culture . He had collaborated with the group South Side, also from his city. Today he has his own label called KDM Exclusive, with many famous Balkan artist under his wing.

Corona's label KDM Exclusive
Corona’s label KDM Exclusive

In his on-going music career he has released five albums and many hit singles, including:

  • Elegant (2010),
  • 9th life (2013),
  • Gethoven (2015),
  • Brudi (2018),
  • Supernova (2018).
Corona and Rimiski's cover of their album "Supernova"
Corona and Rimiski’s cover of their album “Supernova”

The last two albums were a collaboration with his friend Rimiski, with contagious sound, fast rhythm, these albums include more than 14 songs. Additionally, his trademark is his own clothing wear brand called Sicilian Hustlers Wear, with a signature clothing line Gethoven. His own signature clothing line makes this brand so popular among young Balkan boys.

Corona’s Hit Single “Havana”

The Regular Reporter wishes him a bright future and best of luck, with many albums and singles going viral. Keep up the good work.