Get rid of arm fat- Regular Reporter

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How to get rid of underarm and back fat is what most people are struggling at. The back fat is the most common dissatisfaction which has affected many people at the past years.

However, fat doesn’t go easy as it seems, while many fitness trainers target the extra leg and tummy pounds, the fat on the arms and back is neglected.

So, how could I get rid of my underarm and back fat? It is simple and it shouldn’t be hard. It can be accomplished by following these 2 exercises taking 10 minutes. In fact, for best results you should do this routine 3 times a week, according to Daily Health Post.

Bent-Over Circular Row

Get rid of arm fat- Regular Reporter
Bent over circular row

This exercises is good for your upper back and biceps and to be done properly, you should keep your back straight and your knees bent, with hips bend and chest parallel to the floor.

Extend your arms while making circles with them. Stagger your arm so that your left arm is about at shoulder height when your right arm reaches hip-height.

Preferable is 10-12 going backwards and 12-12 going forwards for each seat, in total of 5 sets.

Elbow Kiss

Get rid of arm fat- Regular Reporter
Elbow kiss

While doing this exercise you workout your shoulders and chest.

Start by placing your arms side, with elbows bend at 90-degree angle. Pull your arms towards the chest. When they align with your breastbone get the in the starting position.

Repeat that by holding smaller weights with 10-12 repetitions in 5 sets.

There are many exercises for cutting down on underarm and back fat. In fact, these exercises are the most effective ones. Try doing them for a whole month if you want to see changes. Make sure you stick to your diet while doing these exercises for better results.