Taking care of your health is a good thing, but only and just only when you do it the right way. For instance, it is a good practice at majority of people to drink a glass of water, right after waking up. In fact, drinking water in the morning cleans your throat from excess food and gives the stomach flora a faster regeneration process. That is a daily routine, like brushing your teeth, showering, eating organic food and cleaning our ears.

But what if we tell you that some of the above mentioned routines are harmful in a way? Are you be willing to give some of them up? It is important to know that anything shouldn’t be placed inside the ear, because the ear canal has specialized cells that produce cerumen, or mostly know as ear wax,according to Audio-logistic Hearing Center. This could end up in wax build up, which could decrease the hearing ability.

Cotton swabs are good for many things, but not for ear cleaning- Regular Reporter
Cotton swabs are good for many things, but not for ear cleaning

In fact the Regular Reporter found out that the cotton swabs, used for cleaning the ears are a no-go for the same process, even if they seem harmless. In fact, many medical examples have shown that the usage of cotton swabs sometimes result in catastrophes, such as punctured eardrums and super-impacted wax. However, there are many more harmful consequences associated with “do-it-yourself ear cleaning”. While the cotton swabs may seem a good idea to clean your ears than waiting at the doctors office for a professional to do it, the cotton swabs do more harm than good, and here is why.

Don't use cotton swabs- Regular Reporter
Don’t use cotton swabs

Cotton Swabs Might Lead To Hearing Loss

The eardrum is so delicately build, it might be easily ruptured if it is touched too hard. At times during ear cleaning, if a swab hits the ear hard, the ear canal might experience trauma and result in ear bleeding. In fact, that is followed by sever pain, which isn’t a pleasant experience. The worst issue might be decreased hearing ability and that is a bad thing, because the balance of the human body also depends on the ability of hearing.

Ear Wax Helps Your Ears

The skin in the canal naturally regenerates in a spiral patter, and so does the wax with it. In fact, the wax after some time will loosen and be absorbed by the body, and cotton swabs aren’t really needed. However, a wax build up might sometimes be an issue, and that should be followed by a doctors appointment. Leave the wax cleaning process of the ear to a professional, which can make the process painless and more effective.

Your Ears Turn Dry

Many research studies have shown that the ear wax acts as a lubricant. Removing it may lead to itchy and dry ears, especially when it is done at home and with cotton swabs. Then it is easier for infection to get to your ear, leaving you with a decreased hearing ability.

Itchy ears as a result of cotton swab usage- Regular Reporter
Itchy ears as a result of cotton swab usage

The Ears Clean Themselves

It may seem unlikely, but it is true, the ears are as clean as they can be. In fact, the wax or also known as cerumen is inside your ears for a reason. It is composed of layers of skin, fatty acids, cholesterol and alcohol all designed to protect the inner ear from water and infections. Additionally, it helps prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in the inner ear.

So, do we really need to clean out our ears? The outer ear or pinna that can be seen does need a good cleaning every now and then. This can be accomplished with a little soap and water while taking bath.