If you told a Tottenham fan in May 2019 that Tottenham conceived 10 goals in 2 games, he would tell you that you are insane.

Tottenham looked great then and with a dramatic game-winning goal against Ajax in the Champions League, they reached the final of the competition.

However, that was back in May. With Tottenham losing in the Champions League on home grounds from Bayern 2:7, they also lost this weekend 3:0 from Brighton on guest grounds.

Antoher great loss suffered Manchester United also this weekend from Newcastle 1:0. All in all, Tottenham conceived 10 goals in the last 2 games played.

How Tottenham Conceived 10 Goals in 2 Games- Regular Reporter
Tottenham squad

Now the question pops up: How did they get in such a situation?

Well, some soccer experts think that this is due to the construction of their new stadium and not bringing any new fresh talents on the team last season. On the other hand, others think that did not affect the team that did surprisingly well in both the Premier League and the Champions League.

In fact their key player Harry Kane had a good season. However, he could do better despite the 24 goals scored in 40 games. These numbers could be higher, but he was prevented by 2 injuries, one in Jnauary and one in May.

Additionaly Dele Alli played 38 games last season. Not to metntion that he is fully out of form and shape. He had played in only one game in the Premier League so far this season.

How Tottenham Conceived 10 Goals in 2 Games- Regular Reporter
Dele Alli and Harry Kane

To make things even worse, Poketinos two new players were injured at the very start of this season. Lo Selso played only three games, while Sesenion had not yet made his debut.

Last years performance of some players could not be compared to this years, because their performance is very bad this season. The dissatisfied Eriksen scored only one goal in 11 games and had one assist, Dream is also not at the level of last season.

Because of all this Tottenham Hotspur team and a finalist in the Champions League this season is a team that after eight rounds is ninth in the Premier League and already behind the leading Liverpool 13 points, while in the Champions League suffered a debacle from Bayern.