The award-winning Game of Thrones has hit the final eight season and there won’t be a new one. However, with all the empty thrones, rival players are already circling it. In fact Amazon and Netflix have been searching for ways to repleace the saga with its won serial, dating back from 2017.

From its own begining, Game of Thrones has been the most successful TV show in history, with insane amounts of episode budgets. With this in mind, HBO is hoping that new series like their Watchmen will keep the viewership up.

HBO’s rivals have been also wokring out ways to adapt new series. For example, Netflix have announced that they had secured the rights to adapt The Witcher. Not only Netflix, but also amazon have been working on prime series in developement, set in the world of Lord of the Rings. 

However, The Witcher series is making serious cash. That is on behalf of the popularity of a previous adaption of a video game trilogy. The game has been published by CD Projekt Red, which has been one of the biggest games of 2015.

Both Sapkowski’s books have been revolving around a supernaturally-augmented hunter of monsters (called witcher) and his family. All three characters have been cast by Netflix, with Geralt being portrayed by Man of Steel star Henry Cavill.

The Lord of the Rings on Prime

Working closely with Christopher Tolkien, Amazon’s Rings series has been much more secretive. However, the studio hasn’t released information regarding plot details, characters, or casting.

The Lord of the Rings on Amazon Prime Twitter handle has been dropping a series of increasingly-detailed maps of Middle-earth. In fact their most recent map back in March added region names, new landmasses, and a caption which read “Welcome to the Second Age,” confirming that the series is a prequel set in the distant past of Tolkien’s world.

Sapkowski and Tolkien fans have been thrilled to see adaptations of their favorite fanatasy on screen. In fact, Tolkien fans have been much more cautiously optimistic, with many afraid of their preferred fantasy series being turned into a direct clone of Game of Thrones.

Amazon has been also acquireing the rights to adapt The Dark Tower and The Wheel of Time.  On the contrary Netflix has been considering a remake of The Golden Compass while HBO has been trying another go at The Chronicles of Narnia. 

Season 1 of The Witcher is currently set for a “late 2019” release on Netflix. Amazon’s Rings show has tentatively set its own premiere for 2021.