Jeffrey Moffat- Young Skater, Musician and Filmmaker

Jeffrey Moffat

For many of us, learning about filmmaking consists of scouring YouTube for helpful tutorials and video essays, reading blogs like this one, or watching the content of our favorite film directors. But there is so much to learn from creators in different mediums, including the vlog.

Jeffrey Moffat is a young and aspiring person, based in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Film making, skating and music are his primary hobbies, which he likes to do everyday. Not only that he likes film making, but also he likes travelling, which can be seen in his videos. 

Jeffrey is excellent at breaking every rule imaginable in post-production, because Moffat creates his vlogs with a keen cinematic mind and unique filmmaking style. Of course his approach is certainly worth watching, as well as his animating technique. In this article, we present you his skate vlog from New York City, which is also a challenge.