Kim Kardashian pushed North’s birth for manicure!

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Kim Kardashian (38) sets her own priorities! The reality TV queen is a fourfold mother, but her last two children were delivered by a surrogate mother, as she tends to pre-eclampsia during pregnancy . The 38-year-old already had this condition during her first pregnancy – as soon as her doctor made the diagnosis, he advised Kim to give birth as soon as possible. But she was reluctant to give birth – because she needed a manicure before!

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This anecdote she was now in Podcast Foodgod: OMFG of her friend Jonathan Cheban (45) for the best. She was traveling with North (6) while pregnant and then received a phone call saying that she was suffering from pre-emptying and had to give birth immediately. This circumstance, however, did not fit in with their plans. “My nails were dark, it was when I was in a stage where I often had burgundy-colored nails,” Kim recalled . But since she expected a girl, she preferred pink nails at birth.“So I told the doctor, ‘Are you sure I have to give birth immediately, can you give me about two hours?’ And he said, ‘Well, see you in two hours.’ 

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Kim also maintains a casual relationship with other illnesses. She not only suffers from preeclampsia, but also psoriasis – but she does not let that get her down! ” I’ve learned to live with my psoriasis and not let it unsettle me,” the 38-year-old wrote on Twitter in June.

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