Problems with Travis? Kylie Jenner’s selfie heats up rumors

Kylie Jenner take a photo in the mirror

Crisis rumors with Kylie Jenner (22) and Travis Scott (28)? Just now, the beauty entrepreneur posed as a cover girl for the latest issue of Playboy, revealing in an intimate interview with her husband that her sex life was better than ever, despite being a child. But now fans of the 22-year-olds saw a significant detail: On the latest mirror selfie by Kylie is to see that a framed picture of her and the rapper suddenly missing!

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott posing together

Kylie posted an Instagram photo of herself in her walk-in closet on Saturday – and fans were immediately alerted. Because in the background was missing the couple recording with Travis . In a selfie from a month ago from the exact same point of the room, a framed smoochy image of the two was still standing on her commode. “What’s up with the missing photo?” or “I hope she just placed the recording elsewhere,” were just two of the worried comments under her shot.

Kylie Jenner Taking Photo

The caption of the post also seems rather untypical for the makeup expert. Although she mostly involves little emojis like hearts and clouds, this time she wrote, “This is not a game, boy.”

Kylie Jenner looks on side

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