Make America Great Again- Regular Reporter

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The slogan “Make America Great Again” is again going viral, because of the popular president and current Liberal Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. “STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP and buy your pack of recyclable straws today”, says on the official Donald J. Trump website, where you can buy hats,straws, tees and beverage coolers.

The many litigation’s against Trump, like the one from Warren and O’Rourke identifying him as white supremacist, have been handled well.

Last week, Trump’s manager Brad Parscale announced that 1 million hats have been sold so far and the straws, which go 10 in a pack for $15 have surpassed $850.000, according to TMZ.

Make America Great Again- Regular Reporter
Official Trump Straws

As it can be seen, the 9″ straws are BPA free, meaning the industrial chemical Bisphenol A isn’t included in their composition, they are reusable and recyclable and most importantly they are made in the USA.

However, the idea for the straws according to The Guardian came from Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale, as he was over paper straws.

Guided by his wife, he emailed his stuff while flying with the idea: “Let’s sell plastic Trump straws”. In fact the idea for the 2020 “Make America Great Again” grew from there.

Make America Great Again- Regular Reporter
Most of the worlds plastic ends up in the ocean

According to National Geographic, 8 million tons plastic per year ends up in the ocean and the plastic straws are only 0.025% of that. Therefore at the summer of 2018 Washington D.C. banned the use of plastic straws in every way possible.

Following this ban, many restaurants in the D.C. area are not using plastic straws in their daily work environment, because it is harming world’s oceans, experts say.

Trump has followed this trend and as a result came up the plastic straws with “Trump” engraved on them. So far they have been a huge hit making a huge amount of money for Trump’s 2020 campaign.