Smashing all-time records for Netflix, “Money Heist” has been viewed 34 million times. In fact, 34,355,956 accounts had viewed the third season of the Spanish-language series within the space of a week. That’s only seven days!

In the first place, the series has been designed for Spanish audience. On the other hand, the interest have been growing from other populations, so Netflix made a decision. They’ve adjusted the name for English-speaking audiences to “Money Heist” back before season one launch.

It’s official. One of the most-watched Netflix series and the highest non-English speaking show is “Money Heist”. 

El Professor (source: Netflix)

Speaking about the achievement, director Diego Ávalos said: ‘We are proud of bringing stories that are made in Spain, to the world. It has been loved by fans all around the world because of the authenticity and originality of the storytelling,’ he added.

At the beginning El Professor, starts collecting con-artists and criminals together. By the same token to pull off the ultimate heist of the Royal Mint of Spain.

However, manipulation is what the show has been consisted of, especially the police get’s manipulated for the mission purposes. 

In like manner, part three kicks things up a notch as the team have to free one of their own after he was captured.

Money Heist cast (source: Netflix)

We should expect season 4 of the show, because of the green light that has been given. There are rumors, that part 4 will be airing in 2020, and it’s not known if the series will continue beyond this. Originally, it was due to end after season two, but fan demand gave the show new life.

Helsinki and Tokyo in Money Heist season 3 (source: Netflix)