Watching movies, especially those with Spider man helps us relax and entertains us. However, movies are a medium of leisure and amusement for every individual, despite the age, sex and nationality. In fact, some movies help patients to easily fight depression and mood disorders. With the saying a picture speaks a thousand words, the movies are a source of calming the inner turmoil and are used as an adept therapy tool.

Spider Man in one of his movies
Spider Man in one of his movies

The Spider man movies has left a mark for many kids, since it has began screening. With him fighting the evil for the good of the city, the youth considers him as a symbol. However, with the audience getting used to Spidey, a question has popped up: No more Spider man Marvel movies?

Spider Man major issue

With many fans panicking about their super hero, negotiations busted down between Disney and Sony Pictures for future Spider-Man films.

What is really going on is that the previous mentioned studios are disagreeing about the producer of kids favorite super hero. However, USA TODAY reported that major issue remained over the future involvement of Marvel President and comic mastermind Kevin Feige, as producer in future Marvel films.

Spider Man along kids
Spider Man along kids

With a Hollywood split on the horizon, the Twitter community hash-tagging #SaveSpiderMan lost it over their favorite Super hero.

Fans are raging on Twitter

Will there be more Spiderman movies?

There is nothing to be scared of here. Spider man movies will continue its sequel, with reports saying that there are two more movies in the work. However, directors Jon Watts and Holland are finalizing the deals with Sony, and Kevin Feige out of the game.

The deal between Sony and Disney is still in the making, but it has a possibility of not happening. With this in mind and no agreement between the two studios, Spidey won’t be part of Marvel anymore.

Spider-Man's "Far From Home" box office counts $1.109 billion
Spider-Man’s “Far From Home” box office counts $1.109 billion

The spider hero in Marvel movies has shown a great success when it comes to statistics. In fact, “Spider-Man: Far From Home” cashed in more than $1.109 billion, which beats Sony popular “Skyfall” ($1.108 billion). At the end of it all, everything is about the money