One of the most watched horror movies in the last 2 years has been Andrés Muschietti‘s horror movie “IT“, an Argentine filmmaker with a wide recognition. However, now “IT” Chapter Two out, many horror fans are lining up in the cinemas, demanding a thicket more and asking, if the movie “IT” has been based on a true story.

The 1st chapter was so successful in the first place, that it cashed in $700.4 million and triggered the 2nd chapter. However, the Regular Reporter found out that the 2nd chapter released on the 5th of September, with a budget of $70 million, cashed in amazingly $16.5 million, just on the initial release date. That is a lot of money just in one day. WOW!

"IT" Chapter Two Cast- Regular Reporter
“IT” Chapter Two Cast

With many reviews out there for the 2nd chapter, many critics telling their opinion and suggesting that this chapter is also a must-watch, like the 1st one. The Regular Reporter after watching the movie, also did an awesome review or known from now on as Regular Review.

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Is It a True Story?

Well, the answer is a “yes” and “no”. Some parts of the movie are based on real events, some are not. “IT” is based on Stephen King’s novel and was written on a culmination of ideas with its main character fashioned after serial killer John Wayne Gacy who performed at children’s parties as Pogo the Clown. That is “Pennywise“, the clown in the movie. In fact, the real killer clown had 30 murders under his wing, only targeting young men and boys in the Chicago area in the 70s.

Well I’m Pennywise. . . and you’re Georgie. . . so I guess we know each other now!

Pennywise and Georgie in IT Chapter Two- Regular Reporter
Pennywise and Georgie

Another part of the idea for the movie has been took also from the novel. One day in the 1978 summer, King’s car broke down, so he had to walk 3 miles to get to a mechanic. King’s route took him across an old wooden bridge, which reminded him of an old fairy tale about three goats encountering a troll who lived beneath a bridge. That same bridge can be also seen in the movie.

Regular Review: “IT” Chapter Two

“IT” Chapter One was the initial trigger for the 2nd chapter, an great made adaptation of a book flowed with a affectionately remembered TV movie, leaning heavily into the never-ending wave of 1980s nostalgia.

However, the 2nd chapter is all crutches and friends sticking together. The narrative is taking place at the same city as in the 1st chapter, Derry Maine. Six friends all grown up, after 27 years living all around the U.S., except one, Mike who has remained in Derry. They are also known as the “Losers Squad”, and none of them is in touch with each other. The Adult Losers are greatly represented by distinct personalities in precise sequences, such as no contact with each other for almost 30 years, obsessed with events (Mike) calls everyone to come back home, because of strange activities in Derry. Where and when they unite, there the comfort ends. The brutal homophobic attack at the very beginning is very disturbing. The opening will shake you to death for more minutes and that is what a horror movie should do.

The Losers Squad in IT Chapter Two- Regular Reporter
The Losers Squad

Critics have came in, classifying the movie as an “final exam on horror”, just as the book. With all the monster people were afraid of in it, executed scares with unsettling spine-chillers to full fright mares, makes the movie scary it self. Many criticism’s are directed to the clown Pennywise, describing him as a nasty, scary and bad clown in all cases. Pennywise is a brilliant performer, with practical and software effects adding more to his scary attributes, is what makes him a next level clown, creepy as hell.

The movie itself has a deep psychological message about dealing with your fears, confronting and letting things you haven’t let go. In fact, Pennywise preys on these personal demons, in ways like as more the people are scared he becomes bigger and stronger. He tapes into the Loser’s memories, taking them on nightmarish excursions, making them fear more of him and predicting their deaths, which is terrifying. The seven losers are moved through two timelines, two versions of them, the past and the present, with some periods of the future being predicted. The flashbacks complement the present day, the two periods dancing with each other, illuminating each other, beefing up the emotional resonance — but at one point the film feels like it might wear itself out a smudge. This heads towards more fantastical ride while watching the movie. It feels like being in danger and watching out every corner for something evil to pop out.

The Losers fighting Pennywise in IT Chapter Two- Regular Reporter
The Losers fighting Pennywise

However, the nasty climax comes at the very end, when madness brings when the Losers try to finish Pennywise. The graphic scenario, godlike images are insane, as they try to destroy and get rid of the nasty clown and all the evil in Derry, which has been after them for 27 years. It is glorious to see this stuff envisioned on such a huge and self-assured scale, a joy to have a film of this size trading in this sort of genre carnage with such uncompromising and unapologetic style.

Confidence is what mainly runs through out the whole movie. However, there are also comedy parts which at some point makes you forget that you watch a horror movie. The humor in it, gives the movie a little brightness, even tough the period is dark and scary. Despite the darkness, the sweetness wins and the friends bonding wins over the evil and lasts for many years.

IT Chapter Two Trailer