Residents of Achinsk return to their homes burned to ashes, after the Monday evacuations

The depot explosion in Krasnoyarsk region on 5th of August, killing one serviceman and wounding 11 civilians, leaving damaged homes as it was a war-site.

The Monday evacuation of several thousand people and a children’s summer camp, was followed by inspection of the government official’s. The Deputy Ministry of Defence Dimitry Bulgakov took place in that inspection.

‘I’ve personally visited the arsenal, checked the technical zone and looked through all the issues. There are curtains that need to be fixed regarding broken windows, but overall everything is all right’, he told Ria Novosti news agency.

Achinsk Mayor Ilai Akhmetov said on August 6 that people from the districts close to the depot will be able to return home by the end of the day as the state of emergency in and around the city was lifted.

Yet locals shared videos and pictures of damaged houses and shells lying on the streets as they return home.

‘Oh my God, this was our house!’ – exclaimed Maria Botnaryuk from the village of Kamenka.

‘We are trying to stay strong, but there is no information about what kind of help we will receive’. I know that houses next to us also got destroyed’, Maria added.

Not to mention that six private houses were completely burnt in the village of Kamenka, TASS news agency reported. However, anti-tank shells in vegetable gardens and in the streets have been found.

‘We shall be very grateful that the shells were kept as they must be without combat tips’, said a Kamenka resident.

In fact according to local media reports, the fire damaged over two munition storage’s with over 40,000 artillery shells of 125 and 152mm caliber.

Achinsk is an industrial city with 100,000-plus population on the Trans-Siberian railway, 183 kilometers west of Krasnoyarsk.