Siberian wildfires are more humongous than whole Europe aren’t stopping, threatening Alaska and the atmosphere as well, leaving thousand of people homeless.

Visual presentation of the Siberian wildfires scale

However, the most vital part for Earth’s cooling system is now ejecting carbon dioxide terrorizing the atmosphere. With the Siberian zero temperatures for most of the year, now there are smoke clouds with nearly 5.5 million hectares blazing, covering more than 5 million square kilometers. In fact, this kind of surface size is the European Union with it’s 28 member states.

The atmosphere endangered

Not only the fires in Russia, but also the ones at Alaska and Canada had released 129 megatons of COfor the past months.

At the same time, 11 tons of carbon dioxide has been released only in August, which is in fact the most quantity in such a short period of time. The first indication of these fires were the remarkably high temperatures and the soil moisture.

The smokes have reached Canada
The smokes have reached Canada

In other words, June and July were the hottest months with the highest temperature for this region followed with fires, which destroyed 4.3 million hectares of taiga forest, Josef Aschbacher stated.

However, with that much carbon dioxide out there, the temperatures went up with the water vaporizing, greenhouse heating came on. With the planet heating up, the greenhouse gases increasing and the temperatures have risen 0.8 degrees Celsius, which is bad for the atmosphere.

While the the spread of the smoke isn’t stopping, the winds are now blowing the smoke clouds north-east, with a possible reach of Alaska as well.

The fires at Gran Canaria
The fires at Gran Canaria

However, the Arctic is not he only region affected by fires, with the EU having 1600 fires only this year alone. Not to forget the people who had to evacuate resorts in Gran Canaria because of the fires raging.