Most of us know what liver is and where is located in our body. On the other hand, many don’t even recognize the silent signs of liver cancer that they shouldn’t ignore.

In fact, the body’s liver is an upper right abdomen organ, above the stomach and beneath the diaphragm, with a size of a football. The main role of the liver as a digestive organ, is to produce an alkaline compound know as bile, that helps breakdown fat. The liver’s main composition is mostly of hepatocytes, which regulate many biochemical reactions. These reactions are mostly know as synthesis and the breakdown of small and complex molecules that are crucial for regular functions.

The livers location
Humans body anatomy

The liver is a very essential part of our body, which needs to be taken care of by exercising, healthy diet and weight. But unfortunately no liver is immune of disease. With liver cancer on the rise you need to make sure to have regular screenings and doctor visits.

The liver cancer is quite rare among people. However, Canada is one of the countries where liver and skin cancers are the fastest rising cancers in the country. The liver cancer symptoms will be shown in advanced stages, so regular screenings and recognition of the following signs could be key to survival rates.

Symptoms of liver cancer
Symptoms of liver cancer

8Hepatitis C

Blood sample with requisition form for hepatitis C virus test

Some aspects may put your liver at risk for cancer, like those with history of hepatitis C. They can develop liver cancer after 10 years of diagnosis. Doctors suggest people born between 1945 and 1965 that have’t been screened, should get tested for the virus. However, the treatment that can cure hepatitis is long, but possible of curing the virus.

7Hepatitis B or no vaccination

Vaccination for a healthy liver

However, there is no relation between hepatitis C and B, but the second one can also cause cancer. In fact, vaccination at an early age is essential for a healthy and vital life. On the other hand, those who aren’t vaccinated should immediately get the vaccine.

Anybody with hepatitis should visit a doctor regularly, get an ultrasound once a year to screen for cancer. Taking and alpha-feto protein test in the blood, could also signal liver cancer, but it hasn’t been proven as such accurate test.

6Heavy drinking

The heavy drinking may lead to liver cancer

Many people drink alcohol. Some drink it on daily basis and some not so often. However, those who are keen on alcohol and drink it very often, probably have damaged liver cells. Not to forget that, this condition could lead to liver cancer and damage the liver permanently. Note that the often usage of alcohol will harm your health. In that case, drink reasonably.

5You’re obese

Obesity as a liver indicator

The most common, and in fact new driver of liver cancer is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, associated with obesity and diabetes. At the same time, overweight doesn’t mean you have liver cancer or you will probably have it later. In fact, many US citizens are obese, and liver cancer is rarely among them. With the more risks you have, the more caution you should take.

4Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is one of the signs of liver cancer

One of the results of liver cancer is upper right abdominal pain. Putting pressure where the liver is located on asymptomatic patients, will probably result in pain. However, that pain doesn’t aromatically indicate liver cancer. It could also come from other health conditions such as pancreas problems.

3Upsetting weight loss

Easily losing weight

The lack of appetite and easy weight loss are the most frequent symptoms of various diseases, including some cancers and viruses. However, losing weight may not be frightening, but a doctors visit is a must.

2Instantaneously full

A muscular man eating a well-balanced meal at his kitchen counter and looking full

Feeling full fast is one of the not so common symptoms of liver cancer. However, the excess fluid in the belly, could cause a feeling that you’re full, even if you haven’t had something to eat for a long time. In fact, losing your appetite is one of the signs of liver cancer.

1Yellow skin and eyes

Yellow eyes may indicate liver cancer

Liver cancer happens when liver cells develop changes in their DNA. However, the above mentioned symptoms could indicate liver cancer. As soon as you see your eyes turning yellow or your skin, make a quick visit to the doctor. There is no point of risking your life when you can get better easily.