Tai Hustle- Ambition and flair united

Hip hop seems to be more popular than ever before, with top hip-hop artists flourishing in music’s mainstream. In an era where instant gratification and overnight viral sensations abound, one can easily get discouraged with slow progress. However by releasing singles only, you set yourself up to potentially spread a consistent campaign. 

But that’s not a problem for Brooklyn’s hip-hop artist Tai Hustle. Besides being an Rapper and Songwriter, he is also an actor. His recent album is called “In Memory Of @Xxxtentacion. The album comprises nine tracks and is released by “Swag’ D Out Records”. Indeed it is “fire”

“In Memory Of @Xxxtentacion

He also released a couple of Ep’s like “God Of Brooklyn” and “BrownsVille”.

In 2014 by request, Tai Hustle audition for the part of a contestant on Frankenfood (a SpikeTv series) and was awarded the part. Tai’s pursuing acting as a career path while remaining an active musician and live performer.

Here is a link to his Video called “Work”. Enjoy.