The 5 best free agents who still need a NBA home

September training camp is the next major juncture for the 2019-20 NBA season. More than half of teams have an open roster spot available. Will those teams actually use their open slots?

There are a few players left on the market who, under the right circumstances, can help a team either trying to make a playoff push or provide a steadying veteran presence while developing younger talent. Six of those players stand out from the pack, for one reason or another.

Vince Carter

Vince Carter has already said he’s expecting next season, who will be the last for him. He said that he will use all of his experience to help the team who will sign him.

Vince’s last season was not the great, but its not so bad for his years. He averaged seven points per game, while somehow shooting 39% from three. At 42 years old, he can still dunk, but his impact goes far beyond what he does on the basketball court.

Carter would provide immediate value to a playoff-hungry team that still needs to grow up. He could also end things in Toronto, back where it all began.

J.R. Smith

Smith can still be a solid rotation player in the right scenario. That scenario has to be on a team in pursuit of a championship. JR visited with the Bucks and was spotted last week taking in the sights around Milwaukee. A signing was expected but has yet to be announced. We think that he would be nice player for their rotation.

If Smith didnt sign with the Bucks’s, he can be a viable catch-and-shoot option for a number of teams, including Denver, Portland, Houston or Philadelphia.

Kenneth Faried

Kenneth Faried was able to revive his career after suffering basketball death via trade to Brooklyn. He barely got off the Nets’ bench with Jarrett Allen and Ed Davis ahead of him, and the time he did spend on the court was forgettable at best. But in Houston, Faried showed he still was the same “Manimal” from Denver Nuggets who can terrorize the glass and still, on occasion, the rim. He even added another facet to his game, extending his range out to the three-point line, where he shot it at a 35 percent clip.

For that reason, “Manimal” is a good fit for a team competing for the playoffs that needs depth at the center position. He’s an energy guy at heart, and a return to the Rockets makes sense.

Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford has been a walking bucket for his entire career. He might be moving a step slower, but he’s still as dangerous a scorer as the league has ever seen. This is one of only two players ever to win Sixth Man of the year three times. If anyone can get a bucket, it’s Crawford, and teams will always need someone who can score off the bench.

Crawford has played for more than his fair share of teams, but he only needs one more season to hit the 20-year mark. At this point, the one thing missing on his resume is an NBA championship.

Potential teams for signing him is Golden State, Houston and Philadelphia.

Thabo Sefolosha

Sefolosha’s last season is not the greatest, he averaged only 4 points per game. But his shoot for three was impressive with 44% in 50 games for Utah Jazz. We all know that his strength is defense and he showed that last season.

Sefolosha could be a valuable asset for a young team looking to add a veteran presence to maneuver through a losing season. He’d make sense, for example, on a team like Cleveland, whose elder statesmen are Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson.

If Cleveland its not the team that will sign him, maybe would be Charlotte or Houston, because they showed interest for him.