The El Paso gunman confessed to authorities that he was targeting Mexicans, in addition to killing 22 people about a week ago.

“I’m the shooter,” Patrick Crusius, the 21-year-old gunman, told police upon surrendering with his weapon to officers shortly. However, after the attack near the Cielo Vista Mall, the gunman was jailed, waiting court orders.

“The defendant stated once inside the store he opened fire using his AK-47 shooting multiple innocent victims,” Garcia wrote. “The defendant stated his target were ‘Mexicans.’ ”

In the first place, officers have been responding to a disturbance report, that was later updated to an active shooter call.

Crusius agreed to peak with officers about the assault on Saturday, waiving his Miranda Rights, as Garcia stated. In addition to the confession, he said that he had targeted Mexicans, according to the documents.

Mostly of the executed had Latino last names, and eight of them were Mexican nationals.

Gunman’s weapon

An AK-47

An AK-47, semi-automatic rifle with multiple magazines has been used by the white suspect in the attack. However, he had been driving from a Dallas suburb 65 miles to El Paso, to mount the attack. In fact, he was arrested shortly after the attack when he stepped from his vehicle.

The Texas Rangers were the first who respondet to the scene in an unmarked car. However, they came up to a vehicle in the left-hand turn lane at an intersection when the suspect surrendered.

Authorities believe Crusius posted a racist online manifesto shortly before the rampage in which he decried the “invasion” of Hispanics into the U.S.

Garcia said 19 shooting victims died at the store and the other three died later as a result of their wounds.

Crusius, who is being held without bond, has been charged with capital murder. Federal authorities are also weighing possible hate-crime charges.