Super Bowl

The NFL is a great league to watch, with the Patriots as one of the greatest teams. In fact, American Football as a sport is very popular among the U.S. citizens, with 67 percent of U.S. homes with televisions in use were tuned into the broadcast watching the super bowl. That is 103.5 million watched the NFL championship game. However, Super Bowl ad spots are the most expensive on commercial TV in the U.S. by far, with a 30-second slot on CBS costing $5.25 million this year. But, there is a difference between American Football and Football in Europe, or mostly known as soccer.

The New England Patriots are once again one of the top teams in NFL, with taking place every year in every AFC championship, the Regular Reporter notes. They were recently declared as one of the best dynasties in all of sports, with winning six NFL champions, which three of the are straight wins. The New England Patriots have the longest active consecutive NFL playoff appearance streak, and they’re holding it for 10 seasons.

Super Bowl Champions- Regular Reporter Sport
Super Bowl Champions- The Patriots

Patriots Once Again Super Bowl Champions?

With the new NFL season starting, the teams in the NFL and their players are ready for the up-coming season. However, the question on who will win the Super Bowl in 2020 couldn’t be answered with a 100% guarantee. But statistically saying, the Patriots have a good chance of wining the next Super Bowl. Why is that so? Make sure you carefully read the following reasons:

  • They have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. These two together have attended the last eight super bowls. Not to forget that they have a manageable path back to a division championship and first-round bye They have also been playing in an AFC East that has three teams in rebuilding mode and against a schedule that features more lower-tier quarterbacks than any other in the NFL.
  • Their coach is a football genius. With a coach like him, winning eight Super Bowls, the Patriots as a team shouldn’t count them out. No matter who he has on his team, Belichick continues to lead the Pats to the playoffs and beyond.
  • Brought big pick ups. No matter the draft or in the off season, the Patriots got some big names under their wing. N’Keal Harry is one of the most highly touted wide receivers in the 2019 draft. They have also brought Jamie Collins and Michael Bennett.
  • Weak division. The AFC East is weak this year, despite the many teams there. However, the favorites there are the Pats, with the most chances of getting the title.
Tom Brady- Regular Reporter
Tom Brady- New England Patriots

Despite the major injuries in the team, The Patriots are on-the-go for the 2020 Super Bowl, with mostly reloading on defense. The have lost some offense, but still have Tom Brady. Both Brady and Belichick aren’t showing any slowing downs, making them the favorite pair for winning the Super Bowl for a fourth straight season.