The safest cities in the world in 2019

Asia-Pacific cities dominate the list of safest cities in the world, with Tokyo ranked first, for the third time. In the 2019 Safe Cities Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit (, Singapore and Osaka came right after the Japanese capital. The index ranks 60 cities according to a variety of factors, including infrastructure, health and personal and digital security. This year the Index also looked at environmental factors and “urban resilience”, the city’s ability to recover from the shock. In the following passage we will present the list of the 20 safest cities in the world for 2019.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

2. Singapore, Singapore

3. Osaka, Japan

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

5. Sydney, Australia

6. Toronto, Canada

7. Washington, USA

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

9. Seoul, South Korea

10. Melbourne, Australia

11. Chicago, USA

12. Stockholm, Sweden

13. San Francisco, USA

14. London, Great Britain

15. New York, USA

16. Frankfurt, Deutschland

17. Los Angeles, USA

18. Wellington, New Zealand

19. Zurich, Switzerland

20. Hong Kong, China

From this list we can conclude that the safest countries to live in, are: Japan, USA and Australia.