Is about a boy named Baron Trump who found a secret portal and a time machine. But that’s not the crazy part. 

Barron Trump Barron Trump

In the book Baron Trump had a mentor he looked up to named guess what?? 

Don … This shit gets even better. 

All the shit in the book takes place in Russia. 

Melania Trump The Last President

Also in the book is about a very wealthy man who lived in New York on 5th avenue who ran for president but wasn’t expected to win.

Trump Tower

When he won it’s surprised everybody and people started rioting and protesting and after his inauguration he started signing executing orders. But it’s more

In 1943 one of the most famous inventors Nikola Tesla died from a blood clot. Before his death he claim he had build a time machine and used it to travel back in time and in the future.

After he died the United States government took all of his inventions and notes the name of the office that seized all of his work as “The Office of Alien Property”. After they looked through it they passed it to the FBI.

After they gave up on trying to figure his inventions out they hired a outside engineer. Engineer who could understand the work of Nikola Tesla and guess who this dude was???

John Trump is Donald Trumps grandfather, but after studying the time machine he notes the inventions of Nikola Tesla. He told the government he didn’t find anything. Could he have lied to keep the inventions to himself, out of the hands of the government?

Fun fact Donald Trump mother name is Mary and his father middle name is Christ!! And he was born on the night of a Total lunar eclipse. 

Mary Anne MacLeod Trump Frederick Christ Trump Donald Trump

So what is your opinion about this? Do you think that family Trump owns a time travel machine? If they owned, did the machine help him to become the president of the most powerful country on the planet.