EURO 2020- Regular Reporter

With soccer so popular among the people, the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, or simply Euro 2020 will be the 16th of this kind championship organised by UEFA. In fact, it 12 countries with their capital cities will be the hosts of the showdown, starting in the summer of 2020. For the first time the video assistant referee, or mostly known as VAR System will be implemented.

The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.

However, the now on-going qualifications for the EURO 2020 tournament are in fact exceptional. Many national teams divided into groups playing against each other. In fact, the endorsements, dribbling and passes are to perfection performed by the players, leaving the viewers speechless and making them cheer harder and louder for their country.

Kosovo national team- Regular Reporter
Kosovo national team

In the whole qualification round of the 2020 tournament, a great exception makes one national team, which caught Regular Reporter‘s eye. That is Kosovo. Yes Kosovo, a small country, which proclaimed their independence in 2008 with their 1,809,280 people living there. Many soccer experts are talking about Kosovo right now, popping the question about who is going to win the tournament.

Is Kosovo Going To Be First?

The qualifications for the UEFA Euro 2020 have started for some teams on the good site, fore some not. However, the national team of Kosovo has made exceptional progress by beating some of far more popular national teams then them. In fact, these qualifications for them have been going great so far.

They have first started with 2 draw games with Bulgaria and Montenegro. However, the 2nd game with Bulgaria resulted in a win for Kosovo, and Bulgaria lost at home by 2:3. Their recent win was against the Czech Republic, which ended with a win for Kosovo 2:1. The Czech Republic was beaten at home ground.

Czech Republic vs Kosovo highlights

The national team of Kosovo was on top of Group A. But that didn’t lasted for long. England beat Bulgaria by 4-0. However the top two qualify automatically and Kosovo are now two points above the Czech Republic, and they are guaranteed a Euro 2020 play-off place through last year’s Nations League.

In their next match today, they will be facing England, which will be playing at home. Regular Reporter predicts it will be a good match, but predicting the winner is hard. In fact, both sides have some good, world-known players with incredible skills. We predict a draw in the first match between the two sides.

England vs Kosovo- Regular Reporter
England vs Kosovo

No body knows who will be the EURO 2020 winner, because there are many national teams which are good. But it will be even better if the winner is a country from the Balkans.