A mixture of carbonated water, sweetener and/or artificial flavoring is mostly know among people as a soft drink. The sweetener however might be sugar, fruit juice or some kind of syrup, which are bad for your health.

They might also contain caffeine, coloring’s or other ingredients and they are considered a staple drink in the USA. The multi growing companies for soft drinks are widely known, with now enjoying a soft drink made possible everywhere. However, overdoing it is not good for peoples health, which might lead to significant problems.

The soft drinks industry in fact has been under fire from the health community for a long time now, implying that people who are keen on soft drinks on daily basis, are at much bigger risk of suffering vascular events such as stroke, heart attack, and vascular death.

Soft drinks are bad- Regular Reporter
The amount of sugar in a cup of soda

Recent studies have shown that in the past years the numbers of people, suffering health problems from a soft drink consumption, has been extremely high. When it comes to drinking them, you should consider them less or cutting them all out, and here is why.

They Accelerate Aging

Have you ever asked your selves, why are the soft drinks fresh for so long? Well, that is because of the phosphoric acid which helps them with that and adds flavor also. In fact, this acid is bad for the heart, kidney, muscles, and bones. Some researches done on rats have shown that, phosphoric acid caused their early death.

Soda Cans Incorporate BPA

This chemical has been for years in many bottles and cans, which has been discovered by scientists and ranked as one of the main cancer-causing factors. Make sure you avoid this one as much as possible. When shopping, read if the bottles or cans contain BPA.

Body Drop

The American Health Association has found out that much soft drink consumption, causes metabolism change. The change is making for them harder to lose weight or burn fat at any time, which on the other hand increases fat levels.

Soft drinks are bad- Regular Reporter

Soda Develops Fat Deposits

A study has been made in Denmark between two groups of people, one of them regularly drinking soda, and the other milk. As a result the group who consumed soft drinks had higher fat levels, compared to the other who drank only milk. This soft drink consumption later on might result in heart disease.

Dangerous Food Coloring

The food coloring are considered on of the main cancer causing factors. However, some animal studies have shown that these chemicals have been a number cancer cause at animals. Some believe that only 16 micro grams of the chemical consumed per day by a person is a cancer threat. In fact, one 20oz bottle of soda contains 200 micro grams!